Monday, September 15, 2008

SMS CallBack - Cheap International Cell Phone Calls from any Location

Anyone can make cheap international calls from a mobile phone using SMS CallBack. SMS call can be successfully used from any country in the world, even those that block traditional callback phone service. Using SMS Call, an international long distance phone call is initiated by sending a SMS message from a cell phone from any location in the world. The message contains the phone number you wish to call. In a few moments both parties will receive a call and will be connected at rates that are unbelievably low compared to other means. This is one of the many unusual telecom services offered by the Continental Phone Card. It is one of the most versatile phone cards on the market offering prepaid telecom services like conference calling, PC to Phone, VoIP, Web Call, and SMS Call. It can also be used as a traditional international phone card to make cheap calls from over 60 countries. SMS call is a popular feature with international travelers since it is a simple and low cost way to make international calls from any location where cell phone SMS service is available. Simply send an SMS message with the phone number you wish to call and you will be connected for pennies per minute. Visit Phone Cards International for more information.

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