Monday, September 1, 2008

International Phone Card - Solaris

NTC recently introduced the Solaris phone card that is truely a premium international phone card that can be used to make low cost calls from 97 countries. The Solaris phone card has some of the lowest rates for making calls from Germany, France, Spain or Russia. It has local access numbers in 40 countries (including the USA) and toll free access numbers in 97 countries. There is no added charge for using Toll Free access from the USA which is not offered by many phone cards these days.

Solaris also features PIN free dialing and does not charge a maintenance or any connection fees. The Solaris phone card use a one minute billing increment which means that the length of a call is rounded to the next minute for billing purposes. This is about as good as it gets. Most phone cards use a 3 or even 6 minte billing increment these days. Solaris is truely a premium phone card with a very low fee structure and no hidden fees.

Solaris phone cards are new so they are currently being offered at a 10% discount. Visit the Phone Card Shop for details.

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