Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tel3Advantage Summer Promotion

Tel3Advantage announced this week that they would have an end of summer sign-up promotion that would run from August 15 through August 25, 2008. New customers who open a prepaid account during this time period will receive twice the normal sign-up bonus. Bonus amounts vary depending on the amount deposited in the prepaid account according to the following schedule.

Initial Deposit /Bonus Amount

$10 /$2

$25 /$10

$50/ $14

$100 /$18

There is no fee for opening an account and Tel3Advantage does not require a contract or charge any type of maintenance fees. Therefore, for example, if a new customer deposits $25 they will get to make $35 worth of calls. An individual can try Tel3Advantage and save a lot of money at the same time so it is a win-win opportunity. It is simple to open an account and there is nothing to change since Tel3Advantage can be used with any existing phone service to make calls from the USA or Canada. In order to open an account, just call 800 441 0321 or visit this website . This is a great opportunity to make some free international calls before the end of the summer. Other international calling options can be found by visiting the international calling guide.

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