Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where to Buy a Phone Card?

Many people still purchase phone cards the old fashioned way through retail outlets like convenience stores, super markets or discount stores. Many seem to think it is safer to purchase phone cards in this way but it may actually be riskier. A “hard” phone card contains the instructions for using the calling card and the PIN code needed for initiating a call. If the phone card is lost or stolen it is just like losing cash or any other item of value. It can no longer be used by the owner.

Other than safety, there are many other reasons for purchasing phone cards from on-line merchants. A summary of these are listed below.

  • A on-line merchant such as Smart Global Call International Phone Cards offer a wide selection of phone cards with a full range of features and cost structures. They also offer discounts and phone cards with special rates to certain locations. Customers can use an on-line search tool to find the best phone card for making calls to their favorite destinations.
  • Phone cards purchase on-line are safely stored in a users account and can be accessed via the INTERNET from any location. Purchases can also be made from any location where the INTERNET is available.
  • On-line phone cards typically include a full range of handy features like PIN Free dialing, speed dial and call history.
  • Merchants like Smart Global Call allow users to transfer funds between phone cards. If a users preference should change they can simply transfer their funds toi a card that better suites their individual needs.
  • Some on-line phone cards like the Continental Card can be used for a variety of services. The Continental Card can be used from over 60 countries as a phone card, it can be used as a callback card from almost every country in the world, it can also be used to make conference calls, pc to phone calls, for VoIP service or to set up a personal USA toll free number. Try this with a store bought phone card.
  • Most reputable on-line merchants guarantee their phone cards and provide 24/7 customer service.
  • On-line phone card merchants typically disclose the fee structure for the phone cards they sell in an easy to understand format. This is an important feature since phone card fees are not always easy to understand and can be complex.

Phone Cards, like many products, can be safely and conveniently purchased on-line from any location in the world. Virtually all on-line merchants provide instant delivery into the users account and via e-mail. In addition, websites like International Call Guide provide useful information on low cost international calling options like phone cards, prepaid long distance, VoIP and international callback at no charge. The web offers consumers the ability to learn about these and other products so they can make informed choices.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tel3Advantage Summer Promotion

Tel3Advantage announced this week that they would have an end of summer sign-up promotion that would run from August 15 through August 25, 2008. New customers who open a prepaid account during this time period will receive twice the normal sign-up bonus. Bonus amounts vary depending on the amount deposited in the prepaid account according to the following schedule.

Initial Deposit /Bonus Amount

$10 /$2

$25 /$10

$50/ $14

$100 /$18

There is no fee for opening an account and Tel3Advantage does not require a contract or charge any type of maintenance fees. Therefore, for example, if a new customer deposits $25 they will get to make $35 worth of calls. An individual can try Tel3Advantage and save a lot of money at the same time so it is a win-win opportunity. It is simple to open an account and there is nothing to change since Tel3Advantage can be used with any existing phone service to make calls from the USA or Canada. In order to open an account, just call 800 441 0321 or visit this website . This is a great opportunity to make some free international calls before the end of the summer. Other international calling options can be found by visiting the international calling guide.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Tel3 International Calling Service for Business – TEL3Business

Tel3 recently introduced a new international calling plan for small to medium size businesses. Now businesses can save up to 80% on international calls and get top quality service through the Tel3 network like private customers have been doing since 1994. Tel3 currently has more than 100,000 customers in the USA and Canada who primarily use their service to make low cost international calls from home, business or cell phones. This is the first time that Tel3 has offered a calling plan that is specifically designed for business. The Tel3 plan has many features especially designed for business use that differentiates it from other low cost options, including Phone Cards and VoIP. The following is a summary of the significant features included in the TEL3Business Plan.

  • Create up to 99 user accounts. These can be employees or departments and can be set-up on- line through an account management system.
  • Each user can be set-up with different monthly spending limits.
  • Each user has a separate on-line call history with a separate log-in name. Employees or managers can monitor usage in real time.
  • Tel3 features 24/7 customer support.
  • The Tel3 Business Plan comes with comprehensive usage reports. Usage reports can be run by department or individual for any period of time.
  • The Tel3 Business Plan is a prepaid plan but it has a smart charge feature which will automatically recharge the account.
  • The Tel3 Business Plan can be used from any phone without switching carriers. It can also be used from cell phones. Cell phone users can use the Tel3 Smart Plug technology which allows them to make direct dial international calls from their cell phone (no access number or PIN).
  • The Tel3 Business Plan can be used from the USA or Canada.
  • Tel3 offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • New customers will receive a 20% discount for the first month if they use Promo code 777465 when signing up or by calling 800 441 0321. This promotion is valid for the next 3 months.
  • The Tel3 Business Plan does not require a contract or other long term obligation. There is no charge for setting up the service. Simply prepay an amount and use the service for as long as needed.
  • Unlike VoIP, an INTERNET connection is not required.
  • There are no monthly invoices or other service fees.

    If you operate a business that makes a significant number of international phone calls than the Tel3 Business Plan is solution to consider. It offers significant cost savings over other options and also features high call quality along with on-line account management and reporting tools. It does not require any change in existing service or long term obligation so it is definitely worth a try. Please visit Tel3Business for more information including a free white paper on the new Tel3 Business Service.