Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tel3Advantage Special Summer Promotion

Sign up for Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance between now and July 31, 2008 and get double the sign-up bonus. This means that a new customer can open an account, deposit $25 and receive a $10 bonus. This is a 40% bonus and hard to beat if you plan to make any international long distance calls in the near future. Low cost domestic and international calls can be made from any phone with Tel3Advantage without changing service providers. You will need the following coupon in order to get this special bonus, Tel3Advantage.

Tel3 Advantage can be used in Canada and the USA. It features premium call quality, PIN free dialing, Speed Dialing, On-line Call History, One Minute Rounding and some of the lowest rates available to most locations. Tel3Advantage occasionally has these special promotions in order to attract new customers. They don't make money on these promotions but they use them to attract new customers because something like 75% to 80% of the people who try Tel3Advantage don't leave so they make money in the long run. Tel3Advantage retains customers by offering award winning customer service (24/7), a high level of reliability and competitive rates to nearly every location in the world.

For more information on Tel3Advantage and other options for making low cost domestic and international low distance calls, visit the International Calling Guide.

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