Saturday, July 12, 2008

Phone Card Promotions

There are several good phone card promotions going on right now where consumers can get up to 10% off the face value of the phone card. These are premium quality phone cards that are being discounted for a limited period of time. They offer low rates at face value so consumers can save even more when they can purchase them at a discount.

The following premium quality phone cards are currently being offered at discounts.

Cheap Call - Save up to 10% off face value. A phone card that offers some of the lowest rates on calls from North America. Now save up to 10% more for a limited time.

Continental Phone Card - This is one of our favorite phone cards and it is currently on sale. Get up to 10% off face value. Purchase a $100 card for $90 for a limited time. A great phone card for making low cost calls from over 70 countries.

Royal Call - Get up to 7% off the Royal Call Phone Card for a limited time. Royal Call offers the highest quality and lowest rates on calls from Canada.

These are the best phone card discounts being offered at the moment. Check back later for more special deals.

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