Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tel3Advantage Special Summer Promotion

Sign up for Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance between now and July 31, 2008 and get double the sign-up bonus. This means that a new customer can open an account, deposit $25 and receive a $10 bonus. This is a 40% bonus and hard to beat if you plan to make any international long distance calls in the near future. Low cost domestic and international calls can be made from any phone with Tel3Advantage without changing service providers. You will need the following coupon in order to get this special bonus, Tel3Advantage.

Tel3 Advantage can be used in Canada and the USA. It features premium call quality, PIN free dialing, Speed Dialing, On-line Call History, One Minute Rounding and some of the lowest rates available to most locations. Tel3Advantage occasionally has these special promotions in order to attract new customers. They don't make money on these promotions but they use them to attract new customers because something like 75% to 80% of the people who try Tel3Advantage don't leave so they make money in the long run. Tel3Advantage retains customers by offering award winning customer service (24/7), a high level of reliability and competitive rates to nearly every location in the world.

For more information on Tel3Advantage and other options for making low cost domestic and international low distance calls, visit the International Calling Guide.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Simply a Great Phone Card Promotion

If you want to make High Quality, Low Cost International Calls from the USA or Canada then Simply is the Phone Card you want. It offers low cost toll free access from Canada and the USA including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. From the USA, the toll free rate costs only 0.2 cents per minute more than local access. This is much better than the 1 0r 2 cents per minute charged by most phone cards for using Toll Free Access. The Simply Phone Card is highly rated by consumers for connectivity and call quality. Which means that your call will typically connect the first time and voice quality will be very good. We have tested the card extensively and agree with this rating. Voice quality is very good and it usually connects on the first try.

The Simply Phone Card also has several nice features. These include on-line Call History, PIN Free Dialing for registered phones, Speed Dial and a handy refill option. Simply is currently being offered at a 10% discount for a limited time. Now is a good time to stock up on minutes if you plan to make international calls from the USA or Canada this summer. For more international Calling options, visit the Low Cost Call Guide.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Phone Card Promotions

There are several good phone card promotions going on right now where consumers can get up to 10% off the face value of the phone card. These are premium quality phone cards that are being discounted for a limited period of time. They offer low rates at face value so consumers can save even more when they can purchase them at a discount.

The following premium quality phone cards are currently being offered at discounts.

Cheap Call - Save up to 10% off face value. A phone card that offers some of the lowest rates on calls from North America. Now save up to 10% more for a limited time.

Continental Phone Card - This is one of our favorite phone cards and it is currently on sale. Get up to 10% off face value. Purchase a $100 card for $90 for a limited time. A great phone card for making low cost calls from over 70 countries.

Royal Call - Get up to 7% off the Royal Call Phone Card for a limited time. Royal Call offers the highest quality and lowest rates on calls from Canada.

These are the best phone card discounts being offered at the moment. Check back later for more special deals.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Olympic Phone Cards

People who wish to make international calls to or from Beijing, China this summer can easily find a wide range of low cost options. The handiest option for travelers are phone cards and there are many to chose from. They range from well know higher priced brands like AT&T Phone Cards to relatively new, unknown brands like the Lucky Minutes Phone Card from NTC.

Of course there is a big cost difference. A call from Beijing to the USA will cost 90 cents per minute using an AT&T phone card while the same call will cost 41 cents per minute using Lucky Minutes.

There are many more options for making calls from the USA and other countries to Beijing. There is also a big price difference between these options. A call from the USA to China using an AT&T Phone Card will cost 30 cents per minute while the same call with the Lucky Minutes Phone Card will cost around 2 cents per minute using a toll free access number. To be fair, the Lucky Minutes phone card is a specialized card that has great rates on calls too and from China while the AT&T phone card has much wider applications. Those who want to make a lot of international calls to China this summer from the USA or Canada should consider Tel3Advantage prepaid long distance. It offers a lot of advantages over phone cards at rates that are less than 2 cents per minute.

Phone cards and other low cost calling options can be conveniently purchased on-line from established websites specializing in low cost international calling options. There are also a variety of websites specializing in International Phone Cards.