Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Phone Card for Summer Travel

There are only a few truly versatile phone cards on the market and the Continental Card from NW-IP is one of them. If a traveler wants to bring one phone card on a trip than they should consider the Continental Card. This is true because it can be used in a wide range of countries for almost any telecom related service. Consider the following.

  1. First, it is a high quality phone card that can be used to make low cost calls from over 46 countries. It is also refillable and has many features like PIN free dialing, speed dial and online call history. We use this card all of the time and find it has the highest quality to the locations we call, which include Russia and Kazakhstan, and some of the lowest rates. The quality compares to the AT&T Card at a fraction of the cost.
  2. The Continental Card also has a Web Call feature. Using Web Call, two phones located anywhere in the world can be connected by sending a specially formatted e-mail. It also has a similar feature called Click and Call where two phones can be connected by entering the phone numbers online in real time. This is a great feature that will save a lot of money on calls for people calling from countries where international calling is expensive. With Web Call, you will not make a call, you will receive a call from a low cost country.
  3. The Continental Calling Card also has a SMS Call feature. This is very similar to Web Call, discussed in item 2 above, except two phones located anywhere in the world are connected by sending a SMS (text) message from a cell phone.
  4. The Continental Phone Card can be used to set up a personal toll free number in the USA. This toll free number can be directed to any phone in the world. This is great for small businesses or anyone who wants customers, friends or relatives to the ability to call them ‘toll free’ from the USA. I usually set up this toll free number so I can call home by dialing a toll free number while traveling in the USA or Canada. This gives me phone card rates without dialing an access number and PIN code.
  5. The Continental Calling Card can be used for prepaid conference calling. This is a great, low cost option for small business or families to get everyone in on one call.
  6. The Continental Phone Card can be used to call toll free numbers in the USA from overseas.

The continental phone card is one of our favorite calling cards. We use it all of the time on trips in the USA, Canada and Europe. Please visit Low Cost International Calls for a full range of options for making cheap international calls.

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