Sunday, June 15, 2008

What is International Callback Phone Service?

International Callback phone service is a good option for making cheap international calls from countries that have very expensive monopoly phone companies. These countries tend to keep their international calling rates artificially high. Rates on Phone Cards also tend to be high in these countries and they often actively block the use of the INTERNET or systems like Skype or VoIP for making low cost calls. These countries want to force consumers to use their high cost phone company.

In most cases, international callback can be used to avoid the high tariffs imposed on international phone calls in these countries. International callback by-passes the high cost monopoly phone company by placing an international call through a low cost third country. Consumers use international callback by triggering a call from a phone in the low cost third country. When they answer the call, they can dial the phone number they wish to call in any country in the world and place the call through the low cost third country phone system. It is that simple.

Callback calls are normally triggered using three different methods. The most common method is to place a call to a phone number in the third country. The caller will let the phone ring two or three times than hang up without an answer. In this way they are not charged for an international call. A computer at the other end will recognize them based on their phone number and place a call back to their phone number. Thus the term callback phone service. When the call is received, the caller will be in the low cost phone system and can place a call to any country in the world. This method of triggering a call is referred to as traditional callback. Another method, commonly called web call, uses a standard e-mail message to trigger a callback and place a call. A third method, commonly called SMS call, uses a text message from a cell phone to trigger a callback and place a call.

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