Sunday, June 15, 2008

Calling the USA from Moscow or St Petersburg, RU

On a recent trip to Moscow, Russia we found a very inexpensive way to call to the USA, Canada and other countries. We used a phone card called Jupiter that can be purchased online from several phone card merchants. Using the Jupiter phone card it costs around 11 cents per minute to call North America. This is cheap compared to other international phone cards like AT&T. The At&T charges 50 cents per minute for the same call and we found that call quality is about the same. The Jupiter phone card has a local access number in Moscow and one in St Petersburg. It also has very good rates on calls to Russia from North America. It seems that the Jupiter card was specially made for make calls to and from Russia and other countries of the Former Soviet Union. We also found it has the best rates (1.5 cents per minute) on calls to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Jupiter phone card also features 1 minute rounding, PIN free dialing and a permanent PIN with a handy refill option. It also has low fees with no connection fee or maintenance fee. The Jupiter card even provides callers with a 10% discount on calls made from the USA between 9 PM and 7 AM EST. We sure found it very useful for making calls between Moscow and the USA.

Visit the International Calling Guide for more information on options for making cheap international phone calls from almost any location.

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