Sunday, April 27, 2008

Top Phone Card for Lagos, Nigeria

The new Africa phone card from NTC is designed especially for people who call Lagos, Nigeria and other locations in Africa. The calling quality is super and calling rates are extremely low. Calls to Lagos from the USA for only 3.9 cents per minute. The best part is that this rate includes toll free access. The new Africa card can also be used to make calls from Canada and Western Europe.

The low 3.9 cent per minute rate to Lagos means a caller can spend $10 to talk with friends and family in Lagos for over 4 hours. We could not find a better rate to Lagos with any other high quality phone card. People who want to make calls from the USA to Lagos, Nigeria should try the new Africa Phone Card.

Many people use Tel3Advantage to make calls to the USA or Canada to Africa and other international locations. Tel3 features high quality connections and low cost with no added fees or taxes. It can also be used to make direct dial international calls from smart cell phones. For information on Tel3Advantage and other products for making low cost long distance phone calls visit the International Calling Guide.

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