Sunday, April 6, 2008

Global Talk Phone Card - A Phone Card for Travelers

Travelers or others who seek a phone card for use from multiple countries should consider the Global Talk Phone Card from IDTE. It is highly rated by users with 4.5 out of 5 stars. It also has toll free and local access numbers in more than 45 countries so it is ideal for people who travel to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It can be used to make calls from most of the major countries and even smaller countries like Monaco or Latvia. It is also a premium phone card with low fees and features a one minute rounding interval. There are also no surcharges or taxes on calls so the rates listed are those that you will receive with no hidden charges. Global Talk also features 5 prompt languages, these are English, French, German, Spanish or Italian. Customer service is also multilingual. Global Talk is a true international phone card.

People who live or travel in North America (the USA or Canada) and want to make low cost international phone calls from any phone should consider using Tel3Advantage. It offers the highest quality and the lowest rates to most locations with no hidden fees or taxes. For more information visit Tel3Advantage or call 800 441 0321.

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