Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is Joi Phone VoIP a Rip Off?

If you are thinking about purchasing VoIP phone service from Joi Phone or if you are thinking of becoming a Joi Phone affiliate than you should read this first.

We signed up as an affiliate with Joi Phone last year and sold 6 or 7 phones through links to our website. The sales were recorded in our affiliate account at Joi Phone but our commissions were never paid. We sent several e-mails to Joi Phone affiliate support and never received a response. The last sale we made was in December of last year. We removed the links to our website after this sale since we did receive any commission payments or any response to our inquiries. We still have not received payment or any information from Joi Phone. Our affiliate account shows that about 1/2 of the commissions they owe us are marked approved and the other 1/2 are marked pending.

Joi Phone offers several different VoIP Phone service plans but the ones that are popular are the deeply discounted prepaid service options. These remind us of the prepaid VoIP plan offered by Sun Rocket VoIP until they went bankrupt about 1 year ago. Sun Rocket stopped paying commissions to their affiliates 2 or 3 months before they went broke. This was the first clue that they had financial trouble and were going to rip off their customers and affiliates. Sun Rocket never paid their affiliates the commissions they were owed and, soon after, stopped providing phone service to their customers. Many customers had already prepaid for phone service for a one year period. Most did not receive their one year of phone service or a refund of their money. They just got stiffed.

Is Joi Phone planning the same move? We don't know but the fact they are not paying commissions to their affiliates makes us suspicious. Most companies pay their affiliates quickly because they want them to keep on selling. It appears that Joi Phone either wants to make a few free sales by stiffing their affiliates (not a good long term strategy) or doesn't have the money to pay them (more likely). In any case it appears that something is wrong with this company. We would advise potential customers to use another VoIP Service Provider or, at a minimum, avoid the prepaid service options offered by Joi Phone. This may look very cheap but my actually be very expensive if you lose most or all of your money.

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