Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to Make Cheap International Calls from Mobile Phones

Many mobile phone users are seeking an alternative to paying dollars per minute to make international calls from their phones. Tel3Advantage offers an alternative that is both convenient and cheap. The Tel3 Advantage service can be used to make low cost international calls from any mobile phone in the USA or Canada. Using Tel3Advantage, international calls can be made for pennies per minute rather than dollars. Tel3 also features the following:

  • PIN Free Dialing
  • Direct Dial International Calls from SMART Phones - No need to Dial an Access Number First.
  • The ability to Call Directly from your Address Book
  • Use with any Cell Phone Service - No Need to Switch Carriers.
  • No Contract, No Monthly Fee or Other Obligation
  • Easy On-line Signup
  • On-line Account Management including a Complete Call History
  • Pay for Calls with Pay Pal or a Major Credit Card

There are other methods of making low cost international calls from cell phones but it seems that Tel3Advantage is one of the best options since it offers convenience, ease of use and low cost to a variety of international locations. The same account can also be used to make low cost calls from other phones, including business or pay phones.

For information of Tel3Adbvantage or other options for making low cost international calls, visit International Calling Guide.

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