Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to Make Cheap International Calls from Mobile Phones

Many mobile phone users are seeking an alternative to paying dollars per minute to make international calls from their phones. Tel3Advantage offers an alternative that is both convenient and cheap. The Tel3 Advantage service can be used to make low cost international calls from any mobile phone in the USA or Canada. Using Tel3Advantage, international calls can be made for pennies per minute rather than dollars. Tel3 also features the following:

  • PIN Free Dialing
  • Direct Dial International Calls from SMART Phones - No need to Dial an Access Number First.
  • The ability to Call Directly from your Address Book
  • Use with any Cell Phone Service - No Need to Switch Carriers.
  • No Contract, No Monthly Fee or Other Obligation
  • Easy On-line Signup
  • On-line Account Management including a Complete Call History
  • Pay for Calls with Pay Pal or a Major Credit Card

There are other methods of making low cost international calls from cell phones but it seems that Tel3Advantage is one of the best options since it offers convenience, ease of use and low cost to a variety of international locations. The same account can also be used to make low cost calls from other phones, including business or pay phones.

For information of Tel3Adbvantage or other options for making low cost international calls, visit International Calling Guide.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Canadian Phone Cards

Using Phone Cards to make low cost international calls from Canada is a little more tricky than using them to make calls from the USA. In the USA there are many phone cards with a wide network of local access numbers and there are several phone cards with cheap or even free toll free access. The same is not true in Canada. Several of the Canadian phone cards we reviewed have a relatively small number of local access numbers and the cost of using toll free access is much higher than in the USA. A 3 or 4 cents per minute extra charge for using toll free access in Canada seemed typical with most of the phone cards we reviewed. This is a rather steep added charge if one assumes that a typical charge for making a call to the USA was 1 or 2 cents per minute. On a recent trip to Canada we used the Continental Phone Card to make calls since it features a fairly wide selection of local access numbers, has very high quality and charges only 2.5 cents per minute for calls to the USA from Canada. However, this charge is for local access, it also charges a hefty 2.7 cents per minute extra for toll free access. When purchasing a phone card for use from Canada be sure it has a local access number in the area where you plan to use the card.

Another option is to purchase a card that charges only a small amount for toll free access. These are difficult to find but Tel3Advantage offers such a product. It features local access numbers in the major population centers but charges only 1 cent per minute for toll free access. It also has a relatively low rate of 1.9 cents per minute on calls from Canada to the USA. So the cost of making a call using Tel3Advantage from Canada using toll free access is only 2.9 cents per minute. They also started offering a low denomination ($10) phone card recently which is ideal for people who want to make low cost calls to the USA from Canada.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Partner Phone Card Review

The Partner phone card can be used to make low cost international phone calls from the USA or Canada. It is currently being offered at special promotional price. Visit Partner Phone Card for special savings. Now is the time to try this highly rated phone card.

The Partner Phone Card is a highly rated phone card according to user reviews. It gets 4.5 out of 5 stars which is about as high as we have seen. It receives high marks in voice quality, connectivity, customer service and billing accuracy. These are all important features of any phone card. The Partner Phone Card features PIN free dialing (up to 6 phones can be added), a wide range of local access numbers in the USA and Canada and a toll free access number in the USA. It also has very good rates to Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South America along with a few other locations. It uses 3 minute rounding and has low fees when compared with other phone cards. It charges a low 59 cent maintenance fee every two weeks and a 15% tax on all calls. The maintenance fee can be avoided if the card is purchased and used within two weeks. The 15% tax or service fee is fairly common these days.

Find a suitable international phone card for making calls to any location at the Phone Card Shop.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is Joi Phone VoIP a Rip Off?

If you are thinking about purchasing VoIP phone service from Joi Phone or if you are thinking of becoming a Joi Phone affiliate than you should read this first.

We signed up as an affiliate with Joi Phone last year and sold 6 or 7 phones through links to our website. The sales were recorded in our affiliate account at Joi Phone but our commissions were never paid. We sent several e-mails to Joi Phone affiliate support and never received a response. The last sale we made was in December of last year. We removed the links to our website after this sale since we did receive any commission payments or any response to our inquiries. We still have not received payment or any information from Joi Phone. Our affiliate account shows that about 1/2 of the commissions they owe us are marked approved and the other 1/2 are marked pending.

Joi Phone offers several different VoIP Phone service plans but the ones that are popular are the deeply discounted prepaid service options. These remind us of the prepaid VoIP plan offered by Sun Rocket VoIP until they went bankrupt about 1 year ago. Sun Rocket stopped paying commissions to their affiliates 2 or 3 months before they went broke. This was the first clue that they had financial trouble and were going to rip off their customers and affiliates. Sun Rocket never paid their affiliates the commissions they were owed and, soon after, stopped providing phone service to their customers. Many customers had already prepaid for phone service for a one year period. Most did not receive their one year of phone service or a refund of their money. They just got stiffed.

Is Joi Phone planning the same move? We don't know but the fact they are not paying commissions to their affiliates makes us suspicious. Most companies pay their affiliates quickly because they want them to keep on selling. It appears that Joi Phone either wants to make a few free sales by stiffing their affiliates (not a good long term strategy) or doesn't have the money to pay them (more likely). In any case it appears that something is wrong with this company. We would advise potential customers to use another VoIP Service Provider or, at a minimum, avoid the prepaid service options offered by Joi Phone. This may look very cheap but my actually be very expensive if you lose most or all of your money.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is Lingo VoIP the Best VoIP Phone Service?

Wired Magazine recently crowned Lingo VoIP "the Editors Pick" among VoIP Service providers. We cannot comment on Wired Magazine or their knowledge of VoIP but we continue to like the VoIP Package offered by Lingo. Their "Chatter Box" service is an especially good option for people who make international calls because unlimited calling to many popular locations is included, free of charge, with their plan.

Lingo Chatter Box service includes the following features:

1. A Full Range of Features like call forwarding, etc. at no additional charge.
2. Unlimited calling to any place in the USA. This includes calls to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
3. Unlimited calling to 22 other countries. Including Canada and Western Europe plus Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea.
4. Customers can get an International Phone number in up to 16 countries.
5. Users can call other Lingo Customers anywhere in the world for free.
6. Lingo is currently offering 3 months of Free service to new customers.
7. Lingo provides an Adapter for free.
8. All of this is only $21.95 per month.

Lingo service works just like standard home phone service. Customers have a phone number and can make and receive calls just like normal using a standard telephone. The calls pass over the Internet but a user will notice no difference. The only difference is the cost. VoIP phone service is dirt cheap when compared to traditional home phone service. There are a variety of VoIP service providers but we feel Lingo offers one of the best deals on the market today.