Sunday, February 24, 2008

New WiFi Phones from Skype

The new WiFi phones from Skype are creating a lot of excitement since they allow Skype users to make calls over the Skype network without a computer. Skype software is built into the phone so users can access their Skype account and their Skype contacts at anytime with any wireless network. The WiFi phones come ready-to-use and connect directly to available wireless networks. Just power up the phone, connect wirelessly, sign in to your Skype account and you're ready to make calls to any phone in the world. Callers can still make free calls to any Skype user. They can also make Skype calls wherever they can connect directly to a wireless network... at home, at work, at school, in an airport lounge or at a coffee shop....etc. A WiFi phone allows a user to enjoy the benefits of Skype with the flexibility of being on the move.

The WiFi phones can be purchased from the Skype Shop on their website. They are not cheap at around $150 but come pre-programmed and allow users a lot of flexibility and long term savings. PC to Phone type service is a great way to save money on calls while traveling.

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