Sunday, February 3, 2008

Phone Card Review - Cardinal Phone Card

If you seek a phone card with absolutely no hidden fees than you should consider the Cardinal Phone Card. It has no maintenance fee, connection fee, taxes or surcharges. The advertised rate for each destination is the amount charged when placing a call as long as a local access number is used. It does charge a hefty 2 cents per minute extra for toll free access. The cardinal phone card also uses a 1 minute rounding interval so its about as honest as it gets in the phone card world.

The Cardinal phone card also has some nice features. It offers PIN free access so it is not necessary to remember or dial a lengthy PIN code when placing a call. A customer can register up to 10 phone numbers so a PIN code is not necessary when a call is placed from a registered phone. It also features speed dial so complex international phone numbers can be dialed by pressing 3 numbers. It also has a wide network of local access numbers in 26 countries.

The Cardinal phone card also has three prompt languages (English, Russian and Spanish) and can be used from a variety of countries. These include the USA, Canada, Mexico and most of Europe along with Japan, Israel, Argentina. Australia, Brazil and Pakistan. It also has very good rates to a variety of countries.

The Cardinal Phone card also has relatively high consumer ratings (4 out of 5 stars). It is worth a try for people who want to get what they pay for.

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