Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cut Phone Expenses by Switching to Prepaid Long Distance

Traditional home phone service may be an unnecessary expensive for people or families who also have cell phones. For many, keeping a traditional home phone is a sensible option since it is cheaper than paying for cell phone air time for receiving calls, calling toll free numbers or making local calls. Also, it may be necessary to have a landline for emergencies (911 calls) or for alarm systems or other monitoring devices. However, most people can significantly reduce expenses with no loss in service by replacing traditional long distance phone service with a prepaid plan.

In most cases using prepaid long distance is a far cheaper option than using traditional long distance from the phone company. Prepaid long distance like that offered by Tel3Advantage is very convenient and costs nothing if it is not used. Consumers save money because they only pay for calls they actually make and these are charged at dirt cheap rates with no taxes or added fees. Tel3Advantage only charges 1.9 cents per minute for long distance calls made to North American (USA and Canada) destinations. This means that a consumer can use more than 500 minutes for a mere $10. Rates are slightly higher for international calls depending on the location called but they are up to 95% cheaper than phone company rates. It is also easy to open an account and there is nothing to change, prepaid long distance can be used from any phone or with any existing phone service. The same prepaid plan also travels so users can make cheap long distance calls from hotels or business phones when they are away from home. An account can be opened by visiting the Tel3Advantage website or calling 800 441 0321.

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