Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cut Long Distance Phone Expenses by Using Cheap PC to PC Phone Service

In many cases long distance callers can make free calls using their personal computers and an INTERNET connection. Companies like Skype provide free software for making free calls over the INTERNET between computers. Software, downloaded from their website, can also be used to make low cost calls to standard telephones anywhere in the world. This means of making cheap international phone calls has become more popular as high speed INTERNET connections have become available to more people around the world.

Computer to computer (PC to PC) calling is typically free if both parties download software from the same company. This is obviously the cheapest option for making long distance calls especially between international locations. However, it does have drawbacks and limitations. For one, both parties need to have a personal computer and an INTERNET connection. They also need to be on-line at the same time so some coordination is required. Also, some countries try to block or downgrade Skype or other calls over the INTERNET in order to protect their high cost monopoly phone companies. For those who can work around these shortcomings, PC to PC calling is a very good and extremely cheap option for making international long distance calls.

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