Sunday, February 24, 2008

New WiFi Phones from Skype

The new WiFi phones from Skype are creating a lot of excitement since they allow Skype users to make calls over the Skype network without a computer. Skype software is built into the phone so users can access their Skype account and their Skype contacts at anytime with any wireless network. The WiFi phones come ready-to-use and connect directly to available wireless networks. Just power up the phone, connect wirelessly, sign in to your Skype account and you're ready to make calls to any phone in the world. Callers can still make free calls to any Skype user. They can also make Skype calls wherever they can connect directly to a wireless network... at home, at work, at school, in an airport lounge or at a coffee shop....etc. A WiFi phone allows a user to enjoy the benefits of Skype with the flexibility of being on the move.

The WiFi phones can be purchased from the Skype Shop on their website. They are not cheap at around $150 but come pre-programmed and allow users a lot of flexibility and long term savings. PC to Phone type service is a great way to save money on calls while traveling.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cut Long Distance Phone Expenses by Using Cheap PC to PC Phone Service

In many cases long distance callers can make free calls using their personal computers and an INTERNET connection. Companies like Skype provide free software for making free calls over the INTERNET between computers. Software, downloaded from their website, can also be used to make low cost calls to standard telephones anywhere in the world. This means of making cheap international phone calls has become more popular as high speed INTERNET connections have become available to more people around the world.

Computer to computer (PC to PC) calling is typically free if both parties download software from the same company. This is obviously the cheapest option for making long distance calls especially between international locations. However, it does have drawbacks and limitations. For one, both parties need to have a personal computer and an INTERNET connection. They also need to be on-line at the same time so some coordination is required. Also, some countries try to block or downgrade Skype or other calls over the INTERNET in order to protect their high cost monopoly phone companies. For those who can work around these shortcomings, PC to PC calling is a very good and extremely cheap option for making international long distance calls.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cut Phone Expenses by Switching to Prepaid Long Distance

Traditional home phone service may be an unnecessary expensive for people or families who also have cell phones. For many, keeping a traditional home phone is a sensible option since it is cheaper than paying for cell phone air time for receiving calls, calling toll free numbers or making local calls. Also, it may be necessary to have a landline for emergencies (911 calls) or for alarm systems or other monitoring devices. However, most people can significantly reduce expenses with no loss in service by replacing traditional long distance phone service with a prepaid plan.

In most cases using prepaid long distance is a far cheaper option than using traditional long distance from the phone company. Prepaid long distance like that offered by Tel3Advantage is very convenient and costs nothing if it is not used. Consumers save money because they only pay for calls they actually make and these are charged at dirt cheap rates with no taxes or added fees. Tel3Advantage only charges 1.9 cents per minute for long distance calls made to North American (USA and Canada) destinations. This means that a consumer can use more than 500 minutes for a mere $10. Rates are slightly higher for international calls depending on the location called but they are up to 95% cheaper than phone company rates. It is also easy to open an account and there is nothing to change, prepaid long distance can be used from any phone or with any existing phone service. The same prepaid plan also travels so users can make cheap long distance calls from hotels or business phones when they are away from home. An account can be opened by visiting the Tel3Advantage website or calling 800 441 0321.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine's Day Promotion - Tel3 Advantage

Sign up for the Tel3Advantage Flex Plan now and get up to 946 Free Minutes with their Valentine's Day promotion. This is a great offer for those who wish to make long distance domestic or international calls over the Valentine's Day holiday. Open a prepaid account with $25 and Tel3 will deposit a $10 bonus that can be used to make calls. The promotion lasts through February 15, 2008. This is a great way to save money and experience one of the most popular prepaid calling plans in North America. Tel3Advantage can be used to make low cost long distance calls from the USA or Canada. Cheap calls can be made from any phone using Tel3Advantage by dialing an access number and placing the call over their low cost network. It is very easy to sign-up and use Tel3Advantage.

Visit the Tel3Advantage website or call 800 441 0321 for further information.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Phone Card Review - Cardinal Phone Card

If you seek a phone card with absolutely no hidden fees than you should consider the Cardinal Phone Card. It has no maintenance fee, connection fee, taxes or surcharges. The advertised rate for each destination is the amount charged when placing a call as long as a local access number is used. It does charge a hefty 2 cents per minute extra for toll free access. The cardinal phone card also uses a 1 minute rounding interval so its about as honest as it gets in the phone card world.

The Cardinal phone card also has some nice features. It offers PIN free access so it is not necessary to remember or dial a lengthy PIN code when placing a call. A customer can register up to 10 phone numbers so a PIN code is not necessary when a call is placed from a registered phone. It also features speed dial so complex international phone numbers can be dialed by pressing 3 numbers. It also has a wide network of local access numbers in 26 countries.

The Cardinal phone card also has three prompt languages (English, Russian and Spanish) and can be used from a variety of countries. These include the USA, Canada, Mexico and most of Europe along with Japan, Israel, Argentina. Australia, Brazil and Pakistan. It also has very good rates to a variety of countries.

The Cardinal Phone card also has relatively high consumer ratings (4 out of 5 stars). It is worth a try for people who want to get what they pay for.