Sunday, January 20, 2008

Calling to Moscow or all of Russia

Moscow, Russia is a popular destination and there are a variety of options for making low cost calls to Moscow from the USA and Canada. People who make regular calls to Moscow and already have a high speed INTERNET connection should consider an international VoIP calling plan since several of them offer unlimited calling to Moscow for one low monthly fee. We suggest Tel3Advantage for people who make frequent calls to Moscow from cell phones or regular telephones and want both high quality connections and low cost. Tel3 Advantage can be used from any type of phone without changing companies and the rate is only 1.5 cents per minute including all fees and taxes. Other prepaid calling products advertise low rates but they also add additional fees so the actual rate is typically higher than Tel3. People in the USA and Canada use Tel3 to make low cost calls to almost any country. It is a prepaid long distance plan with no activation or maintenance fee. An account can be opened with as little as $10 by using a major credit card or PayPal. For further information, visit the Tel3Advantage website or contact Tel3Advantage directly at 800 441 0321. They are currently offering a sign-up bonus of up to $9 for new customers.

There are also several different phone cards with very good rates on calls to Moscow or anywhere in Russia. These can be purchased in small denominations and used from more than 130 countries. Calls can be made to Moscow from the USA or Canada with international phone cards for as little as 0.6 cents per minute. Remember, this is the advertised rate. The actual rate will likely be 1 to 1.5 cents per minute after factoring in Fees and Taxes. That is one reason why we normally suggest using Tel3Advantage.

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