Friday, January 11, 2008

Calling Europe from the USA and Canada

Making low cost international calls to Europe from the USA and Canada has never been cheaper or easier. Forget traditional international long distance phone service, there are a variety of low cost options on the market today that are just as convenient to use and offer significant savings. We discuss some of these options below.

One of the best ways to call Europe from the USA or Canada is to use Tel3Advantage. It is the most popular prepaid long distance service in North America for several good reasons. For one, it can be used from any phone without changing companies so it is easy to use and good for short or long term use. Tel3 also uses top quality service providers so it features the highest call quality. It also has a wide network of local access numbers so there is no need to pay extra charges for dialing a toll free access number. Tel3Advantage also features PIN free dialing, on-line call history, speed dial and the ability to add up to 10 phones to one prepaid account. It is one of the most popular services for making low cost international calls from cell phones. Rates on calls to Europe range from 2 to 3 cents per minute depending on the country called. This may seem a little higher than phone cards but it isn’t since Tel3 does not charge any extra fees or taxes like most phone cards. Also, there is no contract, monthly fees or obligation. A prepaid account can be started by depositing as little as $10. Tel3 will provide a $5 bonus for accounts started with $25. Visit the Tel3Advantage website for more details or call 800 441 0321.

Phone cards are another option for making low cost calls to Europe. International phone cards can be used from more than 130 countries so they offer flexibility, especially for international travelers. Some phone cards advertise rates of less than 1 cent per minute on calls to Europe from the USA or Canada. Be careful with phone cards advertising extremely low rates since they are often poor quality and/or they have hidden fees which may double or triple the actual amount paid. Be sure to check the details of a phone card when making a purchase in order to estimate the fees that will be added to each call. Also, check for local access numbers before making a purchase. Most phone cards will charge 1 or 2 cents per minute for using a toll free access number. We have found that Phone Cards Europe International offers several good phone cards for making calls to or from Europe.

There are several VoIP service providers that offer unlimited calling plans to Europe from the USA or Canada. These can be a good deal for people who plan to call Europe frequently and also have a high speed INTERNET connection. These plans typically include local service and unlimited calling to the USA, Canada and Europe for one low monthly fee. The Lingo VoIP plan includes unlimited calling to Europe (the USA and 22 countries) and it cost a mere $21.95 per month. They are currently offering 3 months of Free Service to new customers. Lingo service is highly rated and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a free modem to use with their service.

For more information on making low cost calls to Europe and other destinations visit Guide to Low Cost International Calls which features a variety of products and services.

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