Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Calling Cuba – Cheap International Calls to Cuba

A popular but relatively costly destination to call from the USA is Cuba. There are several low cost options for making international calls to Cuba but they cost from $0.70 to more than $1 per minute. This is still a pretty hefty rate for most people. However we do know of one popular option that costs around $0.50 per minute. SpeedyPin has a special phone card for making calls to Cuba and this card features rate that is less than $0.50 per minute. They also have a phone card that can be used to make calls to Cuba from Canada and other countries for a little over $0.50 per minute. It seems like these cards also offer good quality since people tend to use them over-and-over again. Speedypin also offers a money back guarantee so you can get a refund if the card does not work for you. We recommend trying a small denomination if you want to make low cost calls to Cuba.

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