Sunday, December 30, 2007

Prepaid VoIP Phone Service

There are some great deals available for those who don't mind paying in advance for VoIP service. Prepaid VoIP plans usually require at least one year of prepayment but they offer dirt cheap phone service. We have reviewed a couple of plans from two different premium VoIP providers.

The first is from ViaTalk. They are offering one of the best deals in the market today. For a prepayment of $199, you will get two VoIP lines (phones) for one year. They are currently offering one year Free so you will get two VoIP phones for 2 years for $199. Each VoIP phone features unlimited calling in the USA and Canada for a mere $4.14 per month. This is simply the best deal in the market today.

JoiPhone is also offering some special deals. These are especially good for people who want to make international phone calls. They offer several low cost international packages that feature unlimited calling to various countries. There basic plan costs only $8.95 per month (when prepaid for one year) and it features unlimited calling to 9 countries.

If you are interested in month-to-month service or other VoIP options that a good place to visit is the VoIP Shop.

Prepaid VoIP service is an attractive option but it does have some risks. A case in point was the sudden bankruptcy of SunRocket Voip earlier this year. They offered cheap prepaid VoIP service and left many of their customers holding the bag.

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