Saturday, December 15, 2007

International Cell Phones - International Calling

International cell phones are gaining popularity as more and more people want to stay connected while traveling overseas. The monthly service fee is relatively cheap and many service providers do not charge for incoming calls. They are also convenient since some international cell phones do not require users to change sim cards, etc. when changing countries. They are great for receiving calls while traveling almost anywhere.

However, placing international calls with a cell phone is a different story. Most cell phone service providers charge around $1 per minute for country-to-country calls. This is an exorbitant rate and is completely unnecessary. There are several ways to to avoid these high rates when making international calls. The best service to use depends on your location. If international calls are placed from the USA or Canada with a cell phone, one of the best plans is offered by Tel3Advantage. It is a prepaid plan and there is no contract or other long term obligation. Calls can be placed to most international locations for 2 to 5 cents per minute rather than $1 per minute. Also, using their SmartPlug technology, calls can be placed without dialing any extra numbers. Their plan can be fully integrated with your cell phone so that international calls are automatically placed over their low cost network. However, they only offer this service for making calls from the USA and Canada.

While traveling in other countries, low cost international calls can be made from cell phones using phone cards but they can even be expensive for making calls from some countries. Another option is to use SMS call which allows callers to make cheap international calls using a cell phone from almost any country. Using SMS call a caller sends a specially formatted text message to a computer located in another country. The text message identifies the user and contains the phone number the caller wishes to call. The computer automatically calls the user and connects them with the phone number they want to call. Using SMS call, cheap international calls can be placed using a cell phone from almost any country. Calls cost around 5 cents per minute rather than $1 per minute and there is no extra charge for the cell phone user since an international call was received, not made. SMS call is also prepaid but minutes can be purchased in small increments and there is no long term contract or other obligation. It is an ideal option for people who make occasional trips overseas with an international cell phone.

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