Monday, December 24, 2007

Calling the USA - International Calls to the USA

Many Americans living, working or traveling overseas will want to call home during the holiday season. There are also many choices for making international calls to the USA but many people will be shocked when they see the cost. Even calls made with phone cards purchased in many countries are very expensive and the quality may not be acceptable. Therefore, we decided to review a few options.

Calling the USA from Canada - We think the best option for making calls to the USA from Canada is to use Tel3Advantage. The cost is 1.9 cents/min including all fees and taxes. Tel3 also uses the highest quality connections and offers free minutes for new customers who open an account for $25 or more. They also offer a $10 account with no sign-up bonus. This is one of the best options for making international calls from Canada or the USA.

Calling the USA from Europe, China, Mexico, Japan or Russia - We suggest using high quality prepaid phone cards. These offer high quality connections and rates as low as 2 cents/min. They can also be purchased in small demoniations (as low as $3) so they are perfect for calling friends and family at Christmas.

Calling the USA from other countries can be expensive. One option we suggest is to use Web Call. This option is very low cost and the call quality is much better than most phone cards. It can also be used from almost any location. Cell phone users can use a similar service called SMS Call.

Christmas is one of the busiest calling days of the year so avoid the rush by calling earlier.

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