Sunday, December 30, 2007

Prepaid VoIP Phone Service

There are some great deals available for those who don't mind paying in advance for VoIP service. Prepaid VoIP plans usually require at least one year of prepayment but they offer dirt cheap phone service. We have reviewed a couple of plans from two different premium VoIP providers.

The first is from ViaTalk. They are offering one of the best deals in the market today. For a prepayment of $199, you will get two VoIP lines (phones) for one year. They are currently offering one year Free so you will get two VoIP phones for 2 years for $199. Each VoIP phone features unlimited calling in the USA and Canada for a mere $4.14 per month. This is simply the best deal in the market today.

JoiPhone is also offering some special deals. These are especially good for people who want to make international phone calls. They offer several low cost international packages that feature unlimited calling to various countries. There basic plan costs only $8.95 per month (when prepaid for one year) and it features unlimited calling to 9 countries.

If you are interested in month-to-month service or other VoIP options that a good place to visit is the VoIP Shop.

Prepaid VoIP service is an attractive option but it does have some risks. A case in point was the sudden bankruptcy of SunRocket Voip earlier this year. They offered cheap prepaid VoIP service and left many of their customers holding the bag.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tel3 Advantage Now Accepts Payment via PayPal

Tel3Advantage announced today that they will immediately begin accepting payments via PayPal for their popular Flex Plan. The Tel3Advantage Flex Plan is one of the most popular prepaid calling plans in North America. It can be used to make low cost domestic and international long distance calls from virtually any phone in the USA or Canada. Tel3 previously required a major credit card in order to open a prepaid account. The fact that they now accept payment via PayPal is a big change that is bound to attract new customers who may have wanted to use Tel3 but did not have a major credit card or were afraid to give out their credit card information on-line. Now they can open an account and make payment via PayPal.

Tel3 Advantage currently has a holiday promotion that lasts through December 31, 2007. New customers who open an account will received up to $20 in Free Calls when they open a new, prepaid account. Visit Tel3Advantage for more information or call 800 441 0321.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Calling the USA - International Calls to the USA

Many Americans living, working or traveling overseas will want to call home during the holiday season. There are also many choices for making international calls to the USA but many people will be shocked when they see the cost. Even calls made with phone cards purchased in many countries are very expensive and the quality may not be acceptable. Therefore, we decided to review a few options.

Calling the USA from Canada - We think the best option for making calls to the USA from Canada is to use Tel3Advantage. The cost is 1.9 cents/min including all fees and taxes. Tel3 also uses the highest quality connections and offers free minutes for new customers who open an account for $25 or more. They also offer a $10 account with no sign-up bonus. This is one of the best options for making international calls from Canada or the USA.

Calling the USA from Europe, China, Mexico, Japan or Russia - We suggest using high quality prepaid phone cards. These offer high quality connections and rates as low as 2 cents/min. They can also be purchased in small demoniations (as low as $3) so they are perfect for calling friends and family at Christmas.

Calling the USA from other countries can be expensive. One option we suggest is to use Web Call. This option is very low cost and the call quality is much better than most phone cards. It can also be used from almost any location. Cell phone users can use a similar service called SMS Call.

Christmas is one of the busiest calling days of the year so avoid the rush by calling earlier.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tel3 Advantage Holiday Promotion

Tel3Advantage is doubling their normal sign-up bonus for new customers through December 31, 2007. What does this mean? Well, if a new customer opens a new prepaid account they will get double the normal promo bonus or Tel3 will add $10 in Free Calls if they open a $25 account, $14 if they open a $50 account or $20 if they open a $100 account. This is a great deal for people who want to make a lot of low cost international calls over the holidays from the USA or Canada. Tel3 also offers a $10 account with no sign-up bonus. If you want to try Tel3Advantage now is the time since you will get a total of $35 in calls for a mire $25. For more information visit the Tel3Advantage website or call 800-441-0321.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

International Cell Phones - International Calling

International cell phones are gaining popularity as more and more people want to stay connected while traveling overseas. The monthly service fee is relatively cheap and many service providers do not charge for incoming calls. They are also convenient since some international cell phones do not require users to change sim cards, etc. when changing countries. They are great for receiving calls while traveling almost anywhere.

However, placing international calls with a cell phone is a different story. Most cell phone service providers charge around $1 per minute for country-to-country calls. This is an exorbitant rate and is completely unnecessary. There are several ways to to avoid these high rates when making international calls. The best service to use depends on your location. If international calls are placed from the USA or Canada with a cell phone, one of the best plans is offered by Tel3Advantage. It is a prepaid plan and there is no contract or other long term obligation. Calls can be placed to most international locations for 2 to 5 cents per minute rather than $1 per minute. Also, using their SmartPlug technology, calls can be placed without dialing any extra numbers. Their plan can be fully integrated with your cell phone so that international calls are automatically placed over their low cost network. However, they only offer this service for making calls from the USA and Canada.

While traveling in other countries, low cost international calls can be made from cell phones using phone cards but they can even be expensive for making calls from some countries. Another option is to use SMS call which allows callers to make cheap international calls using a cell phone from almost any country. Using SMS call a caller sends a specially formatted text message to a computer located in another country. The text message identifies the user and contains the phone number the caller wishes to call. The computer automatically calls the user and connects them with the phone number they want to call. Using SMS call, cheap international calls can be placed using a cell phone from almost any country. Calls cost around 5 cents per minute rather than $1 per minute and there is no extra charge for the cell phone user since an international call was received, not made. SMS call is also prepaid but minutes can be purchased in small increments and there is no long term contract or other obligation. It is an ideal option for people who make occasional trips overseas with an international cell phone.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Phone Card Access Numbers

A good thing to keep in mind when shopping for a phone card or other prepaid calling product is to think about how you plan to use it. Many phone cards have a limited number of local access numbers and charge extra when using a toll free access number. The extra charge for using toll free access can be 1 cent per minute or more. This may not sound like much money, but if you are calling a location that only costs 2 or 3 cents per minute to call, it is a significant additional charge. In order to avoid additional charges, shop for a phone card that has a local access number in the area where you plan to use the card. This may be from your home or it may be in cities you plan to visit while you are traveling. It is very important to check for access numbers if you are planning to use the phone card while traveling overseas since, in general, phone cards only have access numbers in specific countries.

For international phone cards it is easy to use a search tool to find cards that have access numbers in all of the countries you plan to visit. Just visit an on-line phone card website and use the search tool to find a phone card that has access numbers in the countries you plan to visit. You will likely be able to find a phone card that will work from all of the locations you plan to visit.

In the USA it is not so easy since many phone cards only have local access numbers in large cities or they may be concentrated in specific regions of the country. One of the great features of Tel3Advantage is that it has a very wide network of local access numbers in the USA and Canada. They have local access that can be used from most small towns or suburbs which makes it a great product to use for making low cost domestic or international long distance calls while traveling in the USA or Canada. There are phone cards that have a similarly wide network of access numbers or do not charge for toll free access but these are less common.

Be sure and check for phone card access before making a purchase. This simple tip may save you a hassle and will likely save you money.