Friday, November 9, 2007

Prepaid Conferencing - Prepaid Conference Calls

Setting up low cost global conference calls is another handy feature of several high quality phone card type products offered these days. Some of these phone cards are actually all-in-one communication accounts that can be used for conferencing, pc-to-phone, voip service or even international callback phone service. A customer can purchase a low cost phone card and use it to save money on all of their communication needs, especially if it involves international phone service. One of our favorite phone cards of this type is the Continental Card since it can be used for all of these purposes. On top of everything else, it can be used to make low cost calls from nearly 70 countries so it is truely a global phone card.

Prepaid conference calling is a low cost option that is popular with small business or even families that are spread out around the world or the country. It is a low cost means for everyone to have a virtual meeting and group discussion. It is very easy to use and is low cost. Participants simply dial an access number and enter a meeting code in order to join a meeting or conference call. It is also low cost, using the Continental card the cost is only 2.3 cents per minute for conference call participants.

This is an especially good option for bringing far flung families together over the holidays.

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