Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cell Phone Call Plan International

Most cell phone users know that it is very expensive to make direct dial international long distance calls with their cell phones. Many use phone cards in order to minimize the cost of international calls but these can be a hassle, especially if one needs to dial an account number or PIN code in order to place a call. Fortunately, there are several other convenient options for making low cost international calls from cells phones. Three of these options are discussed below.

Tel3Advantage offers the most convenient option for making low cost international calls from a mobile phone in the USA or Canada. Using a smart phone and their new SmartPlug Software, international calls can be direct-dialed over their low cost network. All a user needs to do is open a Tel3Advantage account and install a small piece of free software on their smart phone. The software will automatically direct international calls over the low cost Tel3 network. The user does not even need to dial an access number. The best part is that Tel3Adavatage can be used without changing service providers and Tel3 does not require a contract or other long term obligation. Simply open a prepaid account for as little as $10 and start using the service. A new account can be opened on-line in a couple of minutes. Read all about Tel3advantage for more details.

Another similar service for making low cost international calls from the USA is offered by SendGlobal. It is not as convenient as Tel3Advantage because the caller needs to dial an access number but it has similar call quality and lower rates to some locations. SendGlobal also offers a free, no obligation trial of their service. Anyone is the USA can make $3 worth of international calls free of any charges so they can try the service before paying anything. If a user likes the service they can add funds and continue to use the service for as long as they like. SendGlobal also does not require a contract or any other long term obligation. For further information visit free international calls.

A relatively new option for making cheap international calls from cell phones in any country is SMS call. Using SMS Call an international call is placed by sending a text message to a computer located in another, low cost country. The computer recognizes the caller and places a call to their cell phone and connects them to the international number they wish to call. In this way the user does not place an international call but receives one and the savings in some locations can be significant. SMS call can save an international caller a lot of money in countries where telecommunication services are controlled by monopoly phone companies and the cost of making international calls is very high. It does this by by-passing the monopoly phone company and placing call over a low cost network. For further information vist SMS Call.

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