Sunday, October 28, 2007

JoiPhone VoIP International Calling Plans

JoiPhone VoIP has just announced some new International Unlimited Calling Plans that offer good value for people who make frequent international calls. Consumers who spend more than $50 per month on international calls should consider one of these plans. They include local phone service, unlimited calling in the USA and unlimited calling to specific international destinations for one low monthly rate. JoiPhone is currently offering 3 unlimited calling plans.

The lowest price plan is only $8.95 per month if you pay for one year. It offers unlimited calling to the USA and 9 countries. These include Argentina, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom. The plan is $17.95 per month if you pay monthly which is still a good deal.

The second plan features unlimited calling to the USA and 40 other countries for $14.95 per month on a yearly plan. This plan costs $19.95 per month and a month-to-month basis.

Their worldwide premium plan features unlimited calling to the USA and 70 other countries for $39.95 per month on the yearly plan. For month-to-month this plan costs $49.95 per month.

JoiPhone includes 40 features and Free equipment with their calling plans. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee, no cancellation fee or no contract requirements.

These plans are worth a try for callers who have high speed INTERNET and make frequent calls to one or more of the destinations included in one of these plans. Since the SunRocket VoIP experience we suggest people to pay the few extra dollars for one of the month-to-month plans rather than risk paying for one year in advance. SunRocket VoIP had a yearly plan and customers who prepaid for their services lost money when they went bankrupt and shutdown a few months ago.

Those who may be interested should visit JoiPhone for details.

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Dennis Herman said...

Service providers using the Internet to market their services can change terms and conditions of your contact any time they wish. I had a one hour discussion with a mediation expert from my charge card company regarding an unauthorized charge to my account. After canceling my account with Joiphone for VOIP services, they reactivated it without my permission and billed my credit card.

During our discussion I learned, this is standard practice used by many companies offering service through the Internet. When I originally signed up I read the terms over carefully, like I always do. There was no language concerning any type of advanced notice, instructions to cancel service, or agreement Joiphone had the right to alter the agreement. All of this information was added after providing initial service.

None of this matters. Neither I, nor Joiphone can produce a copy of the original agreement, customers are at the mercy of the altered terms, which of course benefit the company. This is how the challenge process was explained to me.

Your credit card company files a complaint with the bank representing the company in question. The final decision lies in the hands of the company's bank. If the company claims they have the right to change the terms, you loose your money.

In this case the terms supplied in writing to the charge card company on 9/22/2010, do not agree with the terms posted on Joiphone's Internet site as of 10/12/2010. So what does that mean? The terms only have to appear on the site for one day to be considered enforceable?

I've filed a complaint with the Consumer Division of Justice in the State of Wisconsin, to find out if this practice if legal. In the mean time I am trying to find a way of protecting myself so this will not happen again. At the present time I am dealing with at least 6 other service providers with terms posted on the Internet. If you have any ideas or solutions to share I would greatly appreciate them.