Friday, October 5, 2007

Free Calls to India and Beyond with Send Global

Send Global has a marketing concept that has been working well for them. They simply offer a free trial of their prepaid international calling plan. Many people try the service, find it offers quality and value, and continue to use the service after the free trial period ends. This marketing concept has worked well for Send Global. They now have over 400,000 customers in the USA and their service is offered in more than 5,000 retail establishments. Their international phone service is high quality since it uses the AT&T network. It is also cheap - Calls to India are around 6.9 cents per minute, compare that to the AT&T rate. It is also easy to use. All callers need to do is dial an access number, then dial the number they wish to call. They do not need to enter a PIN code or account number or anything else.

Send Global offers two types of accounts. Their Basic Plan has no up-front fee while their Elite Plan has a one time fee of $5.95. Callers who plan to use the service a lot should consider the Elite Plan since the rates are 20% lower. The Send Global prepaid plan is an especially nice international calling plan for cell phone users since it is very easy to use. Users can speed dial the access number than speed dial the number they wish to call. Simply press a couple of numbers and make a low cost international call. It doesn't get much easier or cheaper.

Why not visit Send Global now and take a Free Trial.

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