Thursday, October 18, 2007

Calling to Jamaica - Jamaica Calling Cards

Jamaica is a popular calling destination from the United Sates and one of the most popular products for making low cost calls to Jamaica is Tel3Advantage. Why is Tel3Advantage so popular? We looked into this and it seems it is due to quality, price and features. No big surprise here. Consumers are pretty good at spotting good deals and it seems they have done so with Tel3. Tel3Advantage has some of the lowest rates to Jamaica when all hidden fees and taxes are included. It also offers top quality and many features like on line call history, PIN free dialing, a huge network of local access numbers and even direct dial international long distance from cell phones with their new SmartPlug technology. It seems that Tel3 offers good value and a superior product for this market.

We concluded this by comparing Tel3Advantage rates to calling cards of similar quality. Tel3Advantage charges 8.2 cents/minute on calls to Jamaica made through local access numbers. This rate includes all fees and taxes. They also use a one minute rounding interval. A popular phone card with similar call quality, low fees, a wide network of local access numbers that also uses a one minute rounding interval is the Jupiter Phone Card. Calls made from the USA to Jamaica using the Jupiter Phone Card (via a local access number) cost 7.9 cents/min plus a 10% service tax or a total rate of around 8.8 cents/min. The rate is similar but Tel3 Advantage offers many more features at a slightly lower cost. There are, of course, phone cards with lower advertised per-minute rates but these tend to have lower quality and more hidden fees and taxes. One of these options is Cheap Street which advertises a rate of 5.6 cents/minute but uses a 3 minute rounding interval and charges a maintenance fee of $0.99 per week and a service tax of up to 35% on each call. The rate on calls to Jamaica using the Cheap Street Phone Card via a local access number is about 7.6 cents/minute. What would you rather use?

We often marvel at how quickly consumers can find the best values in the market. Look for the most popular product and you will usually find the best value. This seems to be the case here. Tel3Advantage is a very popular prepaid calling plan for making low cost calls to Jamaica because it offers the best value. No big surprise....

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