Saturday, September 22, 2007

Calling to Nigeria

Nigeria is a popular international calling destination from the United States and we receive many inquiries on the best method for making low cost calls to Nigeria. We have researched this subject and found that one of the most popular options for making calls to Nigeria is Tel3Advantage. Calls to cell phones in Nigeria ranks as one of the top ten locations called by Tel3Advantage users. They have over 500,000 customers in the United States so a large number of their customers are making calls to Nigerian Cell Phones.

Why do some many people use Tel3Advantage to make calls to Nigeria? Their rates are not the lowest at 11 cents/min for calls to Lagos landlines and 19.9 cents/min for calls to Nigerian cell phones. Compare these rates to many international phone cards with rates as low as 4 or 5 cents/min and you will see that Tel3Advantage rates seem high. However, there must be some reason why so many people choose to use Tel3Advantage and pay seemingly higher rates. We think this has to do with value. Tel3Advantage rates may seem high but they include all fees and taxes so there are no "hidden fees" added to the advertised rates. They also use a one minute rounding interval and the highest quality (T1) connections. People likely use Tel3Advantage because it is reliable and the actual rate they pay is not much different than phone cards when all "hidden fees" are included. With Tel3Advantage customers get what they expect from an International Phone Service provider and they continue to use the product.

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