Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Call to USA Toll Free Numbers from Overseas

Making calls to USA Toll Free phone numbers from international locations is not possible with many international calling products. There is one product we know of that can be used to call USA toll free numbers from overseas. This is a relatively new feature of the Continental phone card. The continental phone card can be used from more than 60 countries to make low cost international calls. Its is a highly rated phone card with low fees and features such as on-line call history, PIN free dialing, speed dial and auto refill. It is also a very versatile phone card.
In order to call a USA toll free number from overseas all a user needs to do is dial an access number in the country they are in and enter their PIN code. Then they dial the toll free number in the USA they wish to is that easy.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Calling to Nigeria

Nigeria is a popular international calling destination from the United States and we receive many inquiries on the best method for making low cost calls to Nigeria. We have researched this subject and found that one of the most popular options for making calls to Nigeria is Tel3Advantage. Calls to cell phones in Nigeria ranks as one of the top ten locations called by Tel3Advantage users. They have over 500,000 customers in the United States so a large number of their customers are making calls to Nigerian Cell Phones.

Why do some many people use Tel3Advantage to make calls to Nigeria? Their rates are not the lowest at 11 cents/min for calls to Lagos landlines and 19.9 cents/min for calls to Nigerian cell phones. Compare these rates to many international phone cards with rates as low as 4 or 5 cents/min and you will see that Tel3Advantage rates seem high. However, there must be some reason why so many people choose to use Tel3Advantage and pay seemingly higher rates. We think this has to do with value. Tel3Advantage rates may seem high but they include all fees and taxes so there are no "hidden fees" added to the advertised rates. They also use a one minute rounding interval and the highest quality (T1) connections. People likely use Tel3Advantage because it is reliable and the actual rate they pay is not much different than phone cards when all "hidden fees" are included. With Tel3Advantage customers get what they expect from an International Phone Service provider and they continue to use the product.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Not For Profit Fund Raising with Prepaid Calling Products

Selling prepaid calling products is a relatively painless way to raise funds for any charity or not for profit organization. These are products many people use on a continuous basis including phone cards, prepaid calling plans, VoIP phones or even prepaid cell phone cards. Most companies offering these products on-line also have affiliate programs where they pay commissions for sales by agents or affiliates. All an organization needs to do is register as an agent or affiliate (which is free) and start offering these products and services to their members and friends. The organization will earn a commission on each sale (including residual income on continuing usage) and their members and friends can support the organization by purchasing and using high quality products and services at no additional cost. It is a win-win situation for all parties. The only problem is finding good programs to join that also offer quality products and services. We have been in this business for a long time and have a few suggestions.

One of our favorites is Tel3Advantage. They offer one of the premier prepaid calling plans for use in the United States. It can be used from any telephone, without changing companies, to make low cost domestic and international long distance phone calls. It has the highest quality and is a very good and popular option for people who make a lot of international phone calls. They have more than 500,000 customers in the United Sates. It is only sold through agents so the service can not be purchased at a lower price by any other means. Tel3Advantage is free to join and they provide a free website and other promotional materials. The agent earns a commission for each new customer ($10-25) and up to 16% on residual usage.

Another great Telecom affiliate program is offered by SmartGlobalCall. They sell a variety of high quality prepaid calling products including phone cards, VoIP, prepaid cell phone cards, pc to phone and international callback. Their program is also free to join and they provide a free, customizable website to affiliates through their "Own Shop Program". Affiliates will earn a commission of up to 13% on each sale (including continuing usage). It doesn't take long to start earning significant income from this program because SmartGlobalCall offers high quality products at good prices so customer tend to continue to use the products.

For cell phone plans, prepaid cell phones and accessories, we suggest an affiliate program offer by TMI. They offer a wide variety of products and services including cell phone plans from most of the major carriers. They also offer a free website and other marketing support.

Any of the above programs can be set-up in a few minutes with very little effort. They do not require any special INTERNET or computer skills to set-up or operate. A nice thing about these programs is the affiliate or agent does not need to invest money or take any financial risk. The parent company handles all of the inventory, financial transactions and customer service. All the affiliate does is find customers by promoting the product and services.

The first two options, Tel3Advantage and SmartGlobalCall, are great for international organizations or those with a lot of members with family and friends overseas. These companies offer great products for making low cost international phone calls so members and friends can get a good product, save money on their overseas calls and provide financial support to the organization. A true win-win situation.