Saturday, August 4, 2007

SMS Call is a Convenient and Flexible Option

SMS Call is a relatively simple service for making low cost international calls with a cell phone from any location in the world. A call is initiated by sending an SMS (short message service) message from your cell phone. The message contains the phone number you wish to call and the computer does the rest. First, it recognizes your phone number and than establishes a connection by placing a call to both parties. The rates for international calls are super cheap, even cheaper than most phone cards and the call quality is very good.

SMS call service is provided by several third party companies. The service is typically prepaid so an account will need to be set-up and funded before the service can be used. A customer also needs to register their cell phone number with the service provider so it can be linked to their account. It is simple to set-up and use and most service providers to not require a long term contract or obligation.

One interesting service provider is
Continental. They offer one of the most versatile prepaid calling plans. With Continental, all of the following services can be used from one account.

  • SMS Call

  • Web Call - similar to SMS Call except an e-mail is used to trigger calls.

  • PC to Phone

  • Prepaid VoIP

  • Personal USA Toll Free - calls can be redirected from a toll free number to any phone in the world.

  • Prepaid Conference Calling

To top it off, Continental can also be used as a phone card to make low cost calls from more than 60 countries. It is a nice product for people who travel internationally and want a variety of options.

SMS Call is gaining popularity as more people travel with international cell phones. Cell phone service providers tend to charge exorbitant rates on international calls and SMS Call is a relatively simple way to significantly reduce costs.

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