Friday, July 20, 2007

SunRocket VoIP Alternatives

SunRocket VoIP finally notified customers today that it will cease operations and they will need to find another phone company. They indicated that future service is uncertain so customers should immediately find alternative phone service.

They will, of course, not refund any of the money prepaid by 1000's of customers for their VoIP Service. They did recommend two alternative providers, Packet8 and Teleblend, who are providing special deals to SunRocket customers. However, neither of them will honor SunRocket VoIP contracts. SunRocket likely has a deal with these companies and will likely receive a commission for customers who open accounts with one of the recommended companies. We have a SunRocket phone and will not switch to one of these companies because we feel we have already given them enough money.

There are plenty of other VoIP service providers not affiliated with SunRocket VoIP that are also offering deals. Two of these are XVoice, which happens to have one of the best international calling plans, and Zingotel. Use coupon code Zingo1007 for Zingotel and get one month of free service and free shipping until the end of July. Avoice charges $22.99 per month for their international plan and Zingotel charges $19.95 per month for unlimited calling in the USA and Canada. Packet8 charges $24.99 per month so both of these other options are cheaper.

We are planning to purchase service from one of these companies but will stick to a monthly plan for now. We expect other VoIP providers will run into financial difficulties and don't plan to have any prepaid service with the next company that goes broke. We advise others to do the same.

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