Saturday, July 28, 2007

Phone Cards for International Travel

Most seasoned international travelers pack a couple of phone cards before leaving home because they know that it is difficult to find another means of making international calls from overseas that offer quality, reliability and low cost. Phone cards also offer convenience since they can be used from nearly any phone including phones in airports, hotels or even pay phones on the street. They also are a good way to budget communication expenses while on a trip. Most travelers want to call home during their journey and phone cards offer a low cost way to keep in touch.

It is important to shop for the right phone card before making a purchase. Most phone cards will not work from every country so shoppers should check the availability of access numbers in the countries they plan to visit to assure the card can be used. There are a few phone cards that stand out from the rest when it comes to calling the USA from international locations. They offer low cost, high quality and can be used from a wide variety of countries. The following are a couple of suggestions.

  • Golden Lotus Phone Card - This card has high quality and great rates from many diverse locations. Travelers to Europe, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Israel and several other international destination should consider using this phone card.
  • Fast World Phone Card - This is also a high quality phone card. It generally has higher rates than Golden Lotus but can be used from more locations. It is likely the best phone card for making calls to the USA from Russia. It can also be used from countries like Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan where it is difficult to find phone cards with high quality and reasonable rates.

Of course there is always the AT&T Phone Card. It has high quality and can be used from almost any country but rates for making calls to the USA can be very expensive when compared to cards like those listed above. However, in some cases, the AT&T phone card is the only choice.

One important tip for international travelers. It is a good idea to purchase phone cards before leaving home. Many on-line phone card merchants have sophisticated fraud detection programs that may block a credit card purchase from a foreign country or require some type of time consuming verification process. Also, it is much easier to shop and compare calling card features and rates from the comfort of your own home in your own language.

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