Friday, June 15, 2007

Reliance India Call - Calling India

Reliance India Call has been a very popular product for making low cost international calls to India for the past 2 or 3 years. We have heard many good things about their product from users and thought we would take a look to see what Reliance has to offer. To be fair, it appears they have a very good product that is competitively priced. They offer either a prepaid product with no monthly fee or a post paid product that charges a fee of $1.95 per month. We know the call quality is good and the rate to India is 7.4 to 7.9 cents per-minute (USA to India) with one minute rounding, a toll free access number and all fees except taxes. This is a good rate to India with toll free access. The rates to other countries also appear to be good. They are more typical but one needs to consider that they include all fees (except taxes) and toll free access. When all of this is considered the rates are good and, in most cases, hard to beat for high quality service.

We know of one product that is a little more competitive on calls to India. This is the Golden Lotus phone card. It is a high quality phone card that offers PIN free dialing, on-line call history and other features. Using the Golden Lotus Card the rate to India from the USA ranges from 4.2 to 4.8 cents per-minute with 3 minute rounding. However, this needs to be adjusted in order to compare it directly with the Reliance prepaid calling plan. Golden Lotus also charges an extra 25% in fees and taxes and 1 cent per-minute for toll free access. Therefore, including all fees and toll free access the Golden Lotus rate from the USA to India is 6.25 to 7 cents per-minute. About 15% cheaper than Reliance but probably not worth changing for users who are happy with Reliance service. Golden Lotus does have several local access numbers in the USA and for consumers who can use local access the Golden Lotus rate is about 30% cheaper. This is a different story and may be worth a look for those who want to save money on calls to India.

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