Wednesday, May 23, 2007

1010 Dial Around Plans

10-10 Dial Around has been around forever. In the past it was a convenient method of by-passing the high cost monopoly phone company and make cheap long distance calls over a low cost network. It is still around but there are much cheaper methods of making domestic or international long distance calls today that are just as convenient. Prepaid long distance is a far cheaper option that offers the same convenience and more features than 10-10 dial around.

10-10 dial around is used by dialing an access number that starts with the numbers 10-10. The long distance call is than placed over a low cost network and the cost of the call is automatically billed to the phone used to make the call. We reviewed these plans and found that the per minute rates to make calls were very high (up to 20 cents per minute for domestic long distance) and the plans are loaded with hidden fees and taxes. Most 10-10 dial around plans charge a connection fee and/or have a minimum call length that is essentially the same as a connection fee. The only advantage of these plans is that the charge for a call is automatically billed to your phone. However, in most cases this is more a trick than an advantage. A caller will not see the charge for a call until they get their next phone bill and they may have placed several calls before they realize they have been ripped-off. In our view, 10-10 dial around should be avoided.

Many consumers use 10-10 dial around because they think it is the most convenient method of making low cost long distance phone calls from their home phone. They do not realize that prepaid long distance offers the same convenience, more features and much lower rates. A good prepaid long distance service can be used from multiple phones by dialing an access number and placing calls over a low cost network without dialing an account number or PIN code, just like 10-10 dial around . However, a good prepaid long distance plan will also include other features like on-line call history and speed dial at no additional cost. Rates can be as low as 1 or 2 cents per minute for domestic or international calls. Many service providers feature quality plans that have very low or no added fees or taxes. Another advantage of prepaid long distance is that you know the charge for each call and you cannot be charged more than you prepaid so you can easily control your long distance expenditures. Many prepaid products can be purchased for as little as $5 so a consumer can try a service without risking very much money. In contrast, one short call using 10-10 dial around can easily cost $5. We wonder how 10-10 dial around stays in business with all of the high quality prepaid calling products on the market today. Visit Phone Card Shop for a wide selection of prepaid products for making either domestic or international phone calls.

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