Sunday, April 29, 2007

Calling Card Rates to India

Rates on prepaid calling products to India have dropped significantly over the past couple of years. A year ago it was difficult to find a product to call India for less than 10 cents per minute unless it was poor quality. Now there are several high quality products offering rates as low as 4.5 cents per minute. For example, NW-IP recently introduced the Golden Lotus calling card that charges as little as 4.2 cents per minute and customers are rating the card very high in terms of reliability and call quality. Even Tel3Advantage is only charging 8.5 cents per minute to users of its the high quality Flex Plan while one year ago it was charging 12 to 15 cents per minute. So what has changed? We have been investigating and we cannot find the answer except, perhaps, increased competition. Rates on calls to several markets have been dropping recently but it seems that India has seen one of the most dramatic decreases. This is good news for people with friends and family in India and want to make frequent calls. Now there are several high quality prepaid calling products on the market for making cheap calls to India.

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TomFay67 said...

It was interesting to read about the rates in this blog posted in 2007. Rates to India have indeed come down. The best rate that I have seen are from a company called Dial91. Their calling card rate to India is only 1.4 cents per minute. And the quality of the call to India is superb.