Saturday, April 21, 2007

AT&T Phone Cards - Setting the Standard

The AT&T Phone Card is generally considered the standard by which other phone cards are measured. It typically ranks at the top in consumer surveys in areas like call quality and reliability. It is a popular choice for international travelers who want high quality and reliability. The AT&T Phone Card also has access numbers in most countries, features one minute rounding and does not charge any added fees. However, this quality and reliability comes at a price. The AT&T phone card charges by far the highest rates from any location when compared to other high quality phone cards. It also does not offer any of the features like PIN-less dialing, auto-recharge or call history that come standard with many other premium phone cards. It is interesting to compare the AT&T phone card with another premium phone card like Continental. Calls from the AT&T phone card cost 6 times more from most locations and the call quality is not much different. The Continental card also offers PIN-less dialing, call history and auto-recharge at no extra cost. The AT&T phone card can be used from more locations but not many since the Continental Card can be used from over 60 countries. When purchasing a phone card it pays to shop around since there are much lower cost phone cards than the AT&T card that feature similar call quality and include a lot more features. For consumers who don't care about price the AT&T phone card is a safe choice but, for others, shopping can provide a big financial reward.

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