Sunday, April 29, 2007

Calling Card Rates to India

Rates on prepaid calling products to India have dropped significantly over the past couple of years. A year ago it was difficult to find a product to call India for less than 10 cents per minute unless it was poor quality. Now there are several high quality products offering rates as low as 4.5 cents per minute. For example, NW-IP recently introduced the Golden Lotus calling card that charges as little as 4.2 cents per minute and customers are rating the card very high in terms of reliability and call quality. Even Tel3Advantage is only charging 8.5 cents per minute to users of its the high quality Flex Plan while one year ago it was charging 12 to 15 cents per minute. So what has changed? We have been investigating and we cannot find the answer except, perhaps, increased competition. Rates on calls to several markets have been dropping recently but it seems that India has seen one of the most dramatic decreases. This is good news for people with friends and family in India and want to make frequent calls. Now there are several high quality prepaid calling products on the market for making cheap calls to India.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

AT&T Phone Cards - Setting the Standard

The AT&T Phone Card is generally considered the standard by which other phone cards are measured. It typically ranks at the top in consumer surveys in areas like call quality and reliability. It is a popular choice for international travelers who want high quality and reliability. The AT&T Phone Card also has access numbers in most countries, features one minute rounding and does not charge any added fees. However, this quality and reliability comes at a price. The AT&T phone card charges by far the highest rates from any location when compared to other high quality phone cards. It also does not offer any of the features like PIN-less dialing, auto-recharge or call history that come standard with many other premium phone cards. It is interesting to compare the AT&T phone card with another premium phone card like Continental. Calls from the AT&T phone card cost 6 times more from most locations and the call quality is not much different. The Continental card also offers PIN-less dialing, call history and auto-recharge at no extra cost. The AT&T phone card can be used from more locations but not many since the Continental Card can be used from over 60 countries. When purchasing a phone card it pays to shop around since there are much lower cost phone cards than the AT&T card that feature similar call quality and include a lot more features. For consumers who don't care about price the AT&T phone card is a safe choice but, for others, shopping can provide a big financial reward.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tel3Advantage - New SmartPlug Software

Tel3advantage recently introduced new SmartPlug technology that allows users to make low cost international calls from their cell phones without dialing an access number or PIN code. Users simply dial an international phone number and their cell phone will automatically route the call over the Tel3Advantage network. In this way the caller will save significant money on international calls but still have high quality and the convenience of direct dial long distance. To use SmartPlug a user simply downloads a small piece of free software onto their smart phone from the Tel3Advantage website. Any Tel3Advantage customer has free access to this technology and there is no added fee for using it to make calls. Another example of how Tel3Advantage leads the market in providing inovative new products.

Tel3Advantage - Still the King of Prepaid International Long Distance

Tel3Advantage has been around for more than 3 years and is still the leader in prepaid calling for those who want both value and quality when making international calls from the United States. The Tel3Advantage Flex Plan boasts a loyal customer base of over 500,000. Most use the calling plan on a regular basis to make international calls. The typical customer is an individual who makes frequent international calls from multiple phones. The Tel3Advantage plan is especially popular with individuals who want to make cheap international calls from cell phones. Most customers have tried other products but stick with Tel3Advantage because it is simply the highest quality low cost calling option available for making international calls. It is a single product that has good rates to almost any country in the world. Tel3Advantage also has a large network of local access numbers in the United States and Canada as well as a toll free access number.